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You may have been unlucky but....

 Mary's Home is named after Jen Flynn's grandmother. Jen had worked in Danang for several years as a volunteer. Upon returning home to the states she could not forget the many faces of the kids she had met in Vietnam. She approached me with an idea, she raise funds and gibtk run the home.
     Since the inception our partnership has been wonderful. Jen and Lauren have kept their part of the deal and have continued to help with great ideas and funding for the home. This past year many of the kids from Mary's have grown out of the home and moved into our college dorms such as lighthouse and they have continued to find sponsors and funding for "their" kids as well as kids of GIBTK!!!
     Todays note is written by Thao, a quite young lady but very deep. Please enjoy and send along any words of encouragement.
     In the transition from the old year 2017 and the next 2018, it is time to celebrate endings and new beginnings, to slow down and truly consider the passage of time and the opportunity for personal change. This moment elicits a whole lot of feelings in my mind about the past two years since I first became a member of GIBTK.
    Special love and care from the donors, as well as GIBTK, makes Mary's Home a safe and encouraging place for its members. The children will not only be able to grow up physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Confidence grows in a home that is full of unconditional love and affection. There were actually some challenges and we had to try different ways to help our kids go in the right direction, nonetheless, Mary's Home has achieved remarkable successes.
    Mary's Home has recently become a safe and ideal home for girls only, since five lovely girls have transferred from Carmela's Home. A new living environment and new relationships both at home and at school, have made the new girls feel a bit bewildered; thereafter they turned from anxious to excited and well-adapted to the change.
Some of the girls ready to dance for a special Christmas event at 5 star premier resort in Danang
     Some may think they are disadvantaged as they were born in poor or dysfunctional families. We have taught our kids that "You may have lacked some love from your own family, but you never lack the love of society. In fact, they are living in a home which is full of love and caring from sponsors, GIBTK and other benefactors. And you have been unlucky, but definitely will not be unhappy which depends on your choice." We have no chance to choose the families where we were born; however, we have the right to make different and colorful pictures for our future. As long as they equip themselves with emotional lessons, schooling knowledge, life skills and GIBTK's direction, we believe they will make a difference for their life and for the next generation, getting out of poverty and misery.
    Indeed the kids have met and been relational with so many kind people, especially Western friends and sponsors who live halfway across the world. Thanks to love and care from GIBTK and the sponsors, all young girls have had a great opportunity to study and practice English at Yankee English Classes. As a result, the kids not only have had better English pronunciation, but also get confidence and belief in themselves. Some have received comments that they are remarkable and potential candidates to learn and succeed in English.
    Admittedly, we face difficulties in guiding the children to keep on the right track during puberty; they have a lot of personality changes to become young women. Yet we are always by their side to support different phases of their lives.
    Recently I have a new position as home leader of Light House.  I can learn and experience different kinds of projects at GIBTK. Light House is a home to young women between the ages of 18-22 years old who are either currently studying to be accepted into a university program or who have already begun their higher education. First to know them, I have strong feelings with their stories, how much effort they made to pursue their dreams, get education and overcome difficulties. Specially, it's amazing to see children who use to be helped by GIBTK after graduation, that had a wish to work for GIBTK and give a hand back to help the unfortunate as they previously were. It develops my belief in GIBTK's mission for transforming other's lives by helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.
Sincerely Thao; 
><((((º>  BBlessed
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids