Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.


Giving It Back To Kids believes that a child must be allowed and encouraged to get an education. One of the ways we have found to help is by building kindergartens in remote areas. These children most often come from uneducated families. Education in Vietnam begins in the 1st grade, so children from these remote areas begin attending 1st grade without any preparatory classes or help from home. From the beginning, the children are playing catch up. Building kindergartens enables these young children to get that initial foundation and gain a better chance to continue their education.

EducationGiving It Back To Kids also has a bicycle program. We are able to provide a bicycle for a child for $100.00 These are given to those children who live a distance from school. A bike not only enables a child to get to school avoiding the drain of a walk in the heat and humidity of Vietnam, it also cuts their travel time dramatically. Children are needed to help with work at home. Unfortunately, the families will often keep their children home to work in the fields, even though they recognize the need for an education. With a bike the child arrives home in better condition and in time to help with the work. The bicycle keeps kids in school and learning!

Giving It Back To Kids has been funding street kids programs. This entails providing support and equipment (when needed) to teach them skills for a specific trade, allowing them to gain employment.

Here is how donations have help children to get an education

Currently attending Universities & Colleges 37 Students
Graduated from Universities & Colleges 78 Students

GIBTK has built 16 Kindergartens
Cost to build Kindergarten $15,000.00 ea

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