Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.

How You Can Help

OrphanageMake a Cash Gift
Help us help the less fortunate children in Vietnam and their families with a cash donation to our general fund for humanitarian and emergency aid work. Your help can make the difference in a number of our projects. We promise that any donation that is earmarked for a specific project (i.e. health, nutrition, education or housing projects) will go toward that project.

Spread the Word
Tell your family and friends. Our success in Vietnam depends on a lot of people knowing about our work. If you really WANT to help, then please take the time to write a personal letter to 10 of your friends and tell them about Giving It Back To Kids and our efforts in Vietnam.

Invite Us to Speak
Organize a presentation for your service club, religious organization, association, friends, business associates, or a social gathering, and invite us to tell the story of the children of Vietnam we serve with photos, slides, and lots of heartwarming news.

Volunteer to Hold a Fundraising Event
Organize an event to raise funds with your service club, religious organization, association, friends, or business associates. Encourage church and youth groups to have a car wash, yard sale, silent auction, or bake sale. Or, in lieu of gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Bar- or Bat-Mitzvahs, ask that donations be made to Giving It Back To Kids. Volunteer hours to date: 17761.25

Donate Services
Your gift of printing or other services helps us ensure that every penny counts for orphaned, malnourished, and less fortunate children in Vietnam.

Seek In-kind Gifts
We welcome any donations of air travel (frequent flyer miles), medical and dental supplies, . Please contact us to describe your generous gift.

Donate Stock
Make a stock gift. There are many advantages, such as avoiding paying capital gains taxes on appreciated securities and receiving a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value if it has been held longer than one year.

Give at Your Workplace or Provide a Corporate Sponsorship
Ask your company to add us as a participating charity. Or, ask your company to sponsor one of our many projects—build a kindergarten for 45 children or add bedding for a hospital. Ask us what is needed and we can tell you more.

Help Us Connect to Grant Opportunities
Tell us about individuals, businesses, foundations, or any other organization that might be interested in receiving grant applications for our work in Health Care, Nutrition, Education, and Housing for poor children and their families.

Travel with Us to See and Help the Children
Experience profound joy in making a difference and being a catalyst for positive change. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Everyone can make a difference! There is no monetary compensation. Travelers are responsible for all travel and lodging.