Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.



 I LOVE GIBTK!!! Not sure if I've ever said this. I'm not sure but this may turn out to be one of the strangest journals I've written. But then again it may be one more of those... More

Heart for hearts

Time flies so quickly and it has been one year since the day I identified myself with Giving It Back To Kids. It may not be a big number compared to the 15 years of GIBTK's journey to... More

Who "should" be the hero?

 Tet, The Lunar New Year is quickly approaching. For our western minds it may be difficult to understand the importance. For us it almost like taking 4th of July, Christmas, New Years and our... More

You may have been unlucky but....

 Mary's Home is named after Jen Flynn's grandmother. Jen had worked in Danang for several years as a volunteer. Upon returning home to the states she could not forget the many faces of the... More

The Lighthouse, a beacon of guiding light!

 Today's journal is written by team leader Nam. Nam recently returned from maternity leave and has jumped back into the leadership with frenzy! So good to have her back! She... More

Hearts and HOPE

 Hope the New Year has begun well for all! I know many struggle but lets keep hope!       Todays year-end is about our heart surgery program. When my... More

Carmelas Home, changes and growth

Todays 2017 update is written by Team leader Nam. Enjoy;         Carmela's Home is forever the heart of mine. It is not only because I was in charge of this home since the first months I became a GIBTKer, but... More

Hope for Girls in Crisis

When one of the first babies was born at our unwed-mothers home, we visited the mother and newborn at the hospital. I asked our govt. Partner, "what would have happened to this infant if ther was no... More

Hal's Home Updates

Over the next few weeks I'll be sending out "year-end" reports on our different programs. Todays is on Hal's Home, written by gibtk team leader Tuyen.  It is our young mens college home. I am SO proud of these young men taking... More

Leaving a legacy Note from Tam

I hope your enjoying the holidays. I know for many it is a time of great joy and others some sadness to. Todays note is from Tam, GIBTK's S.E. Asia director. She is a key factor to making... More

Floods, security and most importantly friends...

Before I begin to update you on all the APEC dealings,  allow me to update on the recent typhoon and flooding. As of a day ago there is 89 reported deaths. Extensive damage to field's homes and... More


 Another unplanned trip to Vietnam. The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference has begun, and it was suggested I "should" be here. Later this week Boeing S.E. Asia president... More

She knows my name!

 Todays "journal" is written by long time personal friend, a long time GIBTK "cheerleader" Karla DeSimone. Truly an example of nurturing relationships. She probably (ok does know) more of the gibtk  kids histories and... More

Wanna make God laugh

 Funny how so often when my first response (usually based in self) is no. It was so when I was invited to for the pre-APEC reception. "Thank you but no I just got home..." And so much has happened and so much was seen. I originally... More

Guess what?

 Guess what? Yup back in Vietnam already. But before I get to that let me send out my prayers for those affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. It has been very tough for so many. Also I have to clearly remember about 9/11/2001. I remember so... More