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Journey for Hope 15th Annual Gala 2017

Harborside Restaurant & Grand Ballroom

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Harborside Restaurant & Grand Ballroom

10-16-13 Danang hit by strong typhoon

Much of Cambodia is still reeling from the recent floods and now Danang has been a direct hit of one of the largest Typhoons since 2006!   It is still early but GIBTK is ready to respond. It is our home! Mine and Dorothea home (at least... More

10-14-13 Armed and Ready.... but maybe not in Danang.....

I first prepared this email earlier, and was comfortably thinking about a evening of watching football. But just got news that in a few hours Danang is going to be a direct hit from a new typhoon. Below is a short clip from... More

10-1-13 ESCAPE!!!

EXTREME RAINS? What does THAT EVEN look like? I have seen rain in Vietnam and there is nothing like it or at least that I had experienced before  coming to VN. Not sure if I have been here when they called it "heavy" .  But for... More

The journal I didn't want to write.....

You ever have something you did not want to do and found every other thing to do except what was before you? Well that certainly is the case with todays (actually from last weeks events).    I just returned from Hanoi where I... More

9-25-13 WHAT IF IT WAS MY KID.......

WHAT IF IT WAS MY KID? The thought kept running through my mind... but more on this later. First let me share how it all began.     Free Wheelchair Mission has donated thru... More

9-23-13 Did You Ever Wonder

 Have you ever found yourself wondering "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"  This was my first thought after talking to Tam our country director. She told me " I did not sleep last night because the winds and rain were so strong. A... More

GIBTK Projects

How your donations have made an impact for these families and children.

409​ Houses Built
Cost to build $4,100.00 ea.

16 Kindergartens Built
Cost to build $15,000.00 ea.

685​ Heart Surgeries
$2,500.00 ea.

3777​ Orthopedic

$425.00 ea.

98 Eye Surgeries
$400.00 ea.

135,366​ Wheelchairs Delivered

775 Bicycles Delivered
$100.00 ea.

Pigs $175.00 ea.
Cows $750.00 ea.
Cows + Pigs Delivered 147 More


Project New Hope Kids Homes

Project New H.O.P.E. (Housing, Opportunity, Pride & Education)
Reports tell us that between 25%-30% of children living in Vietnam care facilities are malnourished. Read More

The Father's Home

Full funding for the Father's home in Danang (at present there are 12 moms and 9 babies) More

Hai Chau Childrens Home

Full Funding for Hai Chau since Mar, 08 (13 children) More

Mary's Home

Full Funding for Mary's Home since Feb, 2012 (14 children) More

The Lighthouse

Full funding for the Lighthouse in Da Nang (19 girls) More

Hal's Boys Home

Full Funding for Hal's Home since May, 2012
(17 boys) More

Carmela's Home

Full Funding for Carmella's Home since August, 2012 (16 children) More

Marlene's Home

Full Funding for Marlene's Home in Cambodia since July, 2012 (17 girls) More

Vera's Home

Full Funding for Vera's Home in Cambodia since August, 2013 (8 girls) More