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“ Transforming lives through education, medical care,
nutrition and Love”

Sometimes I gotta wonder

Saturday January 14 2017
Sometimes I just gotta wonder. It's funny how things play out. This morning as I looked out on the Danang city from the gym. A thought came to me that there is not much poverty in the city.         Later as... More

I forget

Tuesday January 10 2017
 I consider myself a "quick learner" but alas I am a quicker "forgeter"! This trip was not to be one of "doing" our projects but more a relationship builder. It is quickly approaching Tet, the Lunar New year. The... More

Season Greetings

Tuesday December 20 2016
Seasons Greetings!   I don't know about you, but this year-end snuck up on me all to quickly. I pray that you and all that's yours have a wonderful... More

Looking for Friends

Tuesday November 29 2016
Greetings and a Belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope and pray that this holiday season is a great one for all of you! I am thankful for all you and today I am including a note / request from a VERY SPECIAL lady.   She has served GIBTK... More

The Wedding

Monday September 26 2016
Wedding Day!    Huong's and my journey together in life began 10 years ago on my family's first visit to Viet Nam.  In the early years Huong did not speak English, but thanks to the help of translators we were able to... More

Different is terrific! note from Karla

Friday September 16 2016
 We have a very special lady visiting Danang and I asked her to write a little of her time there. Karla DeSimone has been part of GIBTK from the beginning. She and her husband David have always helped at every corner they could. David has done... More

GIBTK Projects

How your donations have made an impact for these families and children.

408​ Houses Built
Cost to build $3,500.00 ea.

16 Kindergartens Built
Cost to build $15,000.00 ea.

629​ Heart Surgeries
$2,500.00 ea.

2859​ Orthopedic

$425.00 ea.

98 Eye Surgeries
$400.00 ea.

127,496​ Wheelchairs Delivered

774 Bicycles Delivered
$100.00 ea.

Pigs $175.00 ea.
Cows $750.00 ea.
Cows + Pigs Delivered 147 More


Project New Hope Kids Homes

Project New H.O.P.E. (Housing, Opportunity, Pride & Education)
Reports tell us that between 25%-30% of children living in Vietnam care facilities are malnourished. Read More

The Father's Home

Full funding for the Father's home in Danang (at present there are 11 moms and 9 babies) More

Hai Chau Childrens Home

Full Funding for Hai Chau since Mar, 08 (13 children) More

Mary's Home

Full Funding for Mary's Home since Feb, 2012 (17 children) More

The Lighthouse

Full funding for the Lighthouse in Da Nang (15 girls) More

Hal's Boys Home

Full Funding for Hal's Home since May, 2012
(17 boys) More

Carmela's Home

Full Funding for Carmella's Home since August, 2012 (11 children) More