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Hearts and HOPE

 Hope the New Year has begun well for all! I know many struggle but lets keep hope!
    Todays year-end is about our heart surgery program. When my own kids are ill with a cold and i hurt so much fort hem. Then I sit in a meeting where paretns come asking for help for their children, Im brought to tears for what they must feel for their kids, the fear.... Then I think how I've spent my personal money which could have helped give a child the chance to live a full life.... Thank God we rarely have to denie a surgery. Please enjoy Tu report and feel free to reply. She is a new and upcoming star of gibtk!
     "Giving It Back To Kids Heart Program has saved over 700 less-fortunate children identified with heart disease during the past 15 years. 2017 continues a year with lots of success for this meaningful program.
    Thanks to the joining hands of philanthropists, 75 heart patients were saved this year. Free operations are like magic in this real life, which brings innocent children back to where they deserve to be. They can go to school, take part in physical activities, or even get married and deliver a baby to create a new generation. After all, what we really want to see is not just a heart surgery for free, but transforming kids' lives as much as possible.
    Early this year, our organization supported a four-month old boy named Ngo Minh Khang from Quang Ngai province. The time he stayed in the hospital waiting for the surgery was also Tet - a traditional holiday in Vietnam. While other children were excited to wear new clothes and to receive lucky money in red envelopes from their relatives, his tiny body had to bear great pain. There was another boy named Ho Van Anh, who was living with two other brothers and his mom in a mountainous area. His father left them without any contact two years ago. Every day, he has to get up at 4:30 a.m and walks to school. If it hadn't been for GIBTK and the donors' assistance, how could this single mom have saved her beloved son's life.
   Each family has their own difficult circumstances that if you get a chance to know about, you will truly see how worthwhile this program is. What makes GIBTK different from other organizations is that we build up long-term relationships with patients. We are happy to be a bridge between benefactors and kids through follow-up programs. GIBTK's staff contacts patients to know how everything is going and update the newest information to donors. Also, thanks to the network with local partners and hospitals, GIBTK has helped some children with not only one, but also two free heart surgeries when needed.  
   An example would be Nguyen Thi Hien in Quang Nam province. Her first operation was in 2013 and the second one was on December 12th, 2017..  You won't be able to imagine how grateful they are for both life saving surgeries!
However, sometimes we have to get sad news. In 2017, there were four patients that passed away. For the heart program, the losses are something unavoidable, but at least, those children had a golden chance to undergo heart operations. Their families will be less tormented knowing they did everything they could for their children.
    There will be a lot more unlucky children with heart defects out there who are looking forward to receiving timely assistance from GIBTK and its benefactors. Our vision is getting access to more and more children in need as early as possible. It's an honorable job that we alone are not able to do. We need your help. Poor kids in Vietnam need you to make this world a better place for them to study and grow healthily.
There is a saying in Vietnamese, "The leaves protect tattered ones." Each of your help, no matter how big it is, will definitely turn disadvantaged children's lives into a new brighter page. So don't hesitate to join hands with Giving It Back To Kids in the time to come!"
Yours sincerely;
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids