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Hope for Girls in Crisis

When one of the first babies was born at our unwed-mothers home, we visited the mother and newborn at the hospital. I asked our govt. Partner, "what would have happened to this infant if ther was no Father's House." She got lost in her toughts for a moment then said "the baby would not be." Today there has be over 62 babies born at The FATHER'S HOUSE! Please enjoy the year-end report written by Anh, one of the gibtk Team leaders.
                       THE FATHER'S HOUSE YEAR END REPORT 2017
    "It has been 1.5 years since The Father's house moved to Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province and the moms have been living well here. In order to run this home, we partner with Quang Nam charity association, and they support us a lot. In 2017, we have helped 20 moms and 20 babies and we hope to help more girls who are in crisis.   
    Currently we  have 13 moms and 13 babies living with us and they have been living in a peaceful and harmonious environment. In general, in 2017, despite of some normal sickness, our moms and babies have been well. They are all taken good care by the housemothers as well as GIBTK's staff members.
    In order to help the moms keep good immune systems, especially during pregnancy, we remind them to take muti-vitamins daily. For pregnant girls, we took them to the hospital for general assessment and extra needed tests. We followed up with doctors' appointments. More than that, thank to one pediatrician who is working at a well-known hospital in Danang, our babies' health are often assessed generally. That pediatrician is very willing to help the moms answer any concern they have.
   Regarding the housemothers, they were quite well this year. Although they sometimes get headaches and arthritis, Mrs.Mai and Loan always perform greatly. They both try to understand the moms and want to help them become better moms. The moms at TFH respect and love the housemothers so much. In order to help the housemothers, they are reinforced with emotional health lessons. These lessons are hard, but they try to implement these lessons in their work.
   Of the 13 moms, two of which are studying at high school, one is studying a cosmetic course and two more are studying foreign languages in big centers in Danang. The rest of the moms at TFH will study courses that fit their abilities and their dreams. Their babies are still small, so they will study when their babies are older.
    From our observation, the moms have been doing their best to achieve good results at school. Despite being tired and busy taking of their children, they study very hard.
In their free time or at least once every two weeks, the housemother teaches the moms about emotional health and helps them to understand their emotions and how to solve their feelings in a healthier way. During home meetings, the house manager shares information with them regarding parenting skills and helps them to become effective mothers in the future.
    One more thing that needs to be mentioned in this report is that the moms were allowed to join 'A mother's love' program which is held every Friday night. The moms enjoy that program so much. Once they joined 'A Mother's Love' program, their knowledge of emotional health, life skills and parenting skills were reinforced and implemented into their daily lives.
Learning CPR
    Besides going to school, the moms clearly have a schedule to do household chores. They often do chores together such as going to market, cooking, etc. We encourage them to help each other, as it will be good for them and their relationships will get better. In fact, they are living quite harmoniously, even if they sometimes have small disagreements. At that time housemothers play an important role to help, redirect and heal their relationships. Generally speaking, the moms abide by the house's agreement very well, but there are several things they still need to be aware of and need to change if they want to show improvement, such as going to sleep late and waking up late. The home actually holds a meeting to talk over what is good and what needs to be improved. We do want the moms to have a voice on how to make the quality excellent.
    Thanks to the support from GIBTK, babies' birthdays or any special events throughout the year are celebrated with warm and nice parties. When we had new moms arriving, we had a welcoming party for each of them. We wanted to do this because it is a good way to warmly welcome them to a new environment, hoping they will adapt well.
During this year, there were many different groups of guests who visited TFH. For example: Robert's group, Nicole from FWM, Mr.Phong's group, Rachel's group, to name a few. In fact the moms were happy to meet GIBTK's guests and it was a good chance for them to interact with people. The moms were extremely happy when taken out to have parties with all the different homes from GIBTK and they were cheerful when they were handed presents in person. They all appreciate what GIBTK has been doing for them and they try to live well."
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Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids