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Hal's Home Updates

Over the next few weeks I'll be sending out "year-end" reports on our different programs. Todays is on Hal's Home, written by gibtk team leader Tuyen.  It is our young mens college home. I am SO proud of these young men taking responsibility not only for their lives but also others lives. They are also recipents of our Ann & Dick Moore tuition program. 

The young men of Hal's Home
                Hal's Home year end report in November 2017
In 2017, the boys have had quite a good year with lots of beautiful memories and good results.
Schooling:  The year 2017 witnessed the growth of the boys in both physical and mental aspects. There are three boys who finished their degree at college and graduated from our program. They are Nguyen Van Tuong, Nguyen Cong Binh, Tran Phuoc Cuong. They now have a job and can earn good money to support themselves and their family. 
   Tran Phuoc Cuong has married and he now has a daughter. Unfortunately, his daughter has been diagnosed with heart disease and we are making every effort to support him and his daughter. Nguyen Cong Binh now works as an English teacher at our center. It is so happy to have our former student become a staff of GIBTK.
Now a GIBTK staffer / team member!!!!
   At the present, there are 16 boys at Hal's Home and their majors vary. There are three boys majoring in IT and one in graphic design, three in Business Administration, two in Tourism, one in Hospitality, two in Engineering, one in Physical Education, one in Literature Education, one in vocational high school. In the coming period, there will be two boys - Quy Ha and Tam - graduating from university. Quy Ha has a job already. He works as a marketer at an English center. He will still have to finish his graduation paper before he graduates. Also, Nguyen, who studied Physical Education at Sports College, has graduated from college. At this time, he is working at a resort, while still waiting to start working as a martial arts teacher at a vocational school. He also intends to continue studying to upgraded his degree from college to university level.
    At the moment, also, Thai Ha, whose major is Automatic Electrical Engineering, is doing his internship at a DanaUc company. This is a precious time for him to practice and apply what he has learned at school to the work force. Also, in 22nd January 2018, To Tan Tra, who major is Literature Teacher, will start his internship in a high school in Quang Nam province as well.
   In general, all the boys always try their best to study at school. In the latest semester, there are three boys earning very good results in their study. They are Thai Ha, Hai and Kha with the GPA are 3.21, 3.33 and 3.48 out of 4 in respectively.
Soft skills training to prepare them for the work force
Beside studying at school, the boys also enroll in soft skills, leadership skills and emotional health classes, which equips them with practical skills and knowledge that are very useful to them. They participate in English Club to practice speaking English as well.
Last but not least, the boys are very enthusiastic and happy to help the GIBTK when we have a project or activities that need the strength of men. For example, they helped us with the wheelchair program, participated in repairing a school and making roads for a village in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam province. Recently, we repainted the houses  and we can't but mention their great contribution.
Hal's men refurbishing a rural school.


Health: Generally speaking, the boys have good health. Only, occasionally, one or two boys got a flu or fever. Recently, Thai Ha had been infected with dengue fever, but he now recovers and becomes well again. Thanks to the vitamins which they take everyday, their immune system has improved a lot. Also, they go to the gym to do exercises to keep fit. Additionally, every week, the boys have a soccer match in which all the members of the house join. It not only helps them to keep fit but also strengthens the solidarity of the house.
Daily activities: Every morning the housemother goes to the market and buys fresh vegetables, meat and fish for the house. The boys take turns to help the housemother to cook and prepare meals for the whole house. Some of them are really good at cooking. Also, they take turns to do the housework and cut the grass as well. Regarding the house regulations, the boys abide by them well, but there are still some things that they need to improve like tidying the rooms and keeping the house cleaner.
    In 2017, there were a lot of guests coming to visit the boys, such as Robert's group, Karla, Rachel and Jenna, Rachel's group, to name but a few. They were very happy to welcome guests and visitors to spend time talking and sharing with them. They also loved the parties with the guests and kids from other houses. They all appreciate what GIBTK has been doing for them, and they all try to become good men.
Robert Kalatschan
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