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 Another unplanned trip to Vietnam. The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference has begun, and it was suggested I "should" be here. Later this week Boeing S.E. Asia president and his boss are scheduled to visit Dorothea's Project Legacy and our homes. Boeing has provided grants for our work for the past 5 years.

    I was to be in at a Texas conference and visit to see my son, who's attending Baylor in Waco, Texas. When I first heard of the visit I asked my teenage daughter how she felt about me traveling to Vietnam instead of Texas. She looked at me in amazement and said Dad... how much funding / support for gibtk will you find in Waco? And how much Has Boeing provided and how much more does Boeing have to give? Ahhh the simplicity of child's mind. Lol
Ho-hum another day in Quang Nam...

    I flew in on the tail end of typhoon Damrey (means elephant ). Im hearing it is the worst typhoon to hit south central Vietnam in 20 years.... Although it hit South of Danang there is much devastation in the local country-side as well. It was disheartening flying into Danang to see the fields flooded and upon closer look I realized it was not just rice fields, since there was roof tops in the middle of these flooded areas. Tam gibtk SE Asia directors parents home has about 1.5 feet of water inside their home even though their home is built on a raised foundation of 3 feet! So flooding in there area of Quang Nam is about 5 feet!

    It amazes me how resilient people in this part of the world take flooding as well as they do. They simply explain how high the water is and move on. Crazy acceptance of what life deals out to them. I have not yet heard if gibtk will be doing relief but stand by. It is still raining and the rivers look higher then I have ever seen them.
Tam's parents home front yard

    Now back to APEC conference. Coming into town was a bit surreal. There seems to be more luxury cars then ever. Last Sept at the Pre-APEC reception I met the person in charge of transportation for the conference. He shared with me his challenge of meeting the needs of APEC. He told me they ordered 1000 late model luxury vehicles! He shared he's been looking from North to South and that many simply just don't exist in VN!
Large marble statue by the river

    Pulling into my hotel I knew this trip is going to be different! There were armed guards at the door. And lots of suits (read security) looking around at everybody. I found out the tighter security is here because for the many representatives from Japan and Singapore staying at the hotel, but the President of Singapore is staying at here as well!
Only 1 guard at this time, Visible anyways. So much security...

   Funny when I look back and realize there is no road from where I came from, a broken down pizza guy who fished a lot to where God has placed me today!

   Those of you, who pray, please say a word of prayer for Divine appointments. One which would thrill me is meeting with Sheryl Sandburg, FB executive and author of Option B. A must read for all. I planned training from her book this week. Since hearing her speak and then reading Option B, I have had a strong urging to contacting her about translating the book into VIETNAMESE! And now she is in Danang for this week. Who knows where this road gibtk is on will take us!

   Thank you for being GIBTK! Without you we are nothing. Keep praying, keep encouraging and doing something for someone, maybe just kind gestures to a neighbor or server at you favorite place to eat. A simple smile can go a long way.
><((((º>  BBlessed
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids