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Wanna make God laugh

 Funny how so often when my first response (usually based in self) is no. It was so when I was invited to for the pre-APEC reception. "Thank you but no I just got home..." And so much has happened and so much was seen. I originally planned on leaving VN today. But was unable to book a flight home. If I had I would of hit an oncoming Super typhoon (read hurricane) just leaving Taiwan.  Then planned on leaving Danang in another couple days but decided to get to Saigon early and guess what? This super Typhon is forecast to land in Central Vietnam (possibly as close as Hue, less then 2 hours from Danang) on the day I had "planned" Go figure huh? Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!

When Nghia first came asking for support for law school
   By email Tam had asked me if we could hire a past graduate from the Ann & Dick Moore Tuition program. When I first met this candidate, she told of her mother abandoned her when she was 4 months old. Her father took care of her the best he could but fell ill to mental illness and became unable. Neighbors took care of her as much as they could but often because of lack of food and clean water she would faint walking to and from school. She studied hard and was given a scholarship to study by local govt. But had no way to support her housing, meals etc. She came asking if could we please help.


Nghia our newest team member and Tam 


    Her hope was to be a lawyer, and her dream to help poor children like herself. We agreed. She graduated with high grades. Took 2 jobs with law offices but left them. When I met her the other day I asked why? She said she did not like the ethics of her bosses. She has come back to Danang and asked to volunteer on her off days with gibtk. Tam consistently working hard for my agreement to hire her. My answer, "but she does not speak English." "Tam's answer she has already begun learning, She will learn!" Then I heard a "whisper" from my inner spirit reminding me that it was always a vision I had, to have a lawyer on staff, we work with street kids and soon more trafficked kids who will need legal help. Good thing for a persistent Tam, huh?


    As I think back on this trip I rejoice seeing the many fruits. Seeing a young lad of 9 years who was born at The Father' House. His mom was one of our early girls in crisis. She stays in touch and always says how much she loves her son! I am reminded of one of our first births. Praying over the infant and asking the govt. partner what if there was no Father's House? She stared vacantly off into the distance saying "the baby would not be..."


One of the early babies born at The Father's House, now 9!!!
   Had dinner at Mercure  Hotel, where 2 of our former grads are now chefs. Sporting huge smiles. One had stayed at our college dorm, Hals Home. As I looked I was just getting ready to tell him to come back and visit. When Tam told me he returns every Sunday to encourage others at Hals and mentor the younger boys at Carmela's Home.
    It was so encouraging to see a table of former grads, working in their fields of study sitting and being part of the GIBTK family. Coming back and "Giving Back!" Another tables of single moms from The Father's House laughing and shedding the shame that was put on them for deciding to keep their unborn child. Enjoying pizza with their new friends from Australia.



 Last Jan I met Tu, she came seeking to join GIBTK team. In her 3rd interview I was asked to join the process.  Tu was the second prospect seeking employment with GIBTK. The first had skills but something did not connect. When Tu began I knew we had someone. Two sentences from her I interrupted her and with stern face I looked at the team leaders and asked; "why are we wasting our time here? She's perfect, your hired! I still remember her first look of fear and disappointment, which turned a total shock. 
   As I was saying my last words of encouragement to team members and preparing to leave she followed me into our conference room. And asked me what do I see that she needs to improve in her work. My first comment was communication. She had stepped into leading the heart program. I knew her heart was soft and that it could be challenging. I asked her to be sure to tell us if it is too much, I don't want to lose her because I saw something special in her. She said "no problem, I like the heart program!"


Tu with one of her heart surgery kids


    She again asked what do I need to work on. My comment was something I had shared in my training. To know your story. From your story and being vulnerable will touch others lives. I confirmed she came from a poor family, she nodded in agreement.
    What happened next caught me off guard. I asked her what is in her heart; she began to choke up turning to crying. This was the first time I had seen her cry. She tried to speak between her sobs saying I am from Quang Tri (which saw a lot of fighting during our war) a very poor village. I see much need there and I want to help so much!" I loved that! Quang Tri has been on my  personal list to do something for a long time.


Girls from Father's house with their new friends from Australia
    Flying home I was reading more news about the approaching "super typhoon." They mentioned Quang Tri as one of the 3 areas expected to catch the fury of the typhoon. I got this crazy idea, a whisper in my Spirit. After approval from the boss Tam, I asked if indeed Quang Tri gets hit hard, and there is the devastation the govt is forecasting will she lead our efforts in relief. She would need to find volunteers from her village to help her. Again she had lost her voice, after a minute she said yes.....
   My prayers of course is the Typhoon, turns and goes back to sea or loses strength but if not Tu is up for the job and helping her village. Please those of you that pray, pray for change in direction or loss of strength. Stay tuned for updates if indeed it hits Vietnam, as is predicted.
><((((º>  BBlessed

Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids