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Guess what?

 Guess what? Yup back in Vietnam already. But before I get to that let me send out my prayers for those affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. It has been very tough for so many. Also I have to clearly remember about 9/11/2001. I remember so clearly what happened and where i was. The end of my first trip to Vietnam. I write in remembrance first of those suffering and of 9/11. 

 As many of you know I was in SE Asia in July came home and a week later left for a conference in Chicago. Returning Tam and I had a series of meetings. Finally I felt like things settled down and could relax. It was but maybe a week went by before waking up to see an email from the US Ambassador inviting me to attend a pre-APEC reception in Vietnam.


Rachel, Josh and their 3 blond kids!!!
 Being the all giving one I am my first thought was no way! I'm home and ready to rest. But gratefully I have men in my life to talk to before making decisions. After talking to couple of my guys, they simply said; "your going" I made my reservation to fly in less then 2 weeks.


   As things turned out I had some key things to share with team as well as meeting a couple that had just felt they needed to move with their 3 kids to Vietnam. The wife a licensed therapist (Whom we have been praying for) has a heart for our girls. Her husband mentored troubled youth. And now will be speaking into the lives of our young men and boys! Yea God. But truth be told If I had not been in Vietnam, I doubt I would have been on board with them seeing if they fit into our programs. Divine appointments?


   Back to the APEC reception. Have you ever had something you agreed to attend but as time approached you became more and more resistant to the idea of going? Well that was the case. It's been hot and humid. The dress code... Slacks and coat. Imagine me in wool slacks, shoes and coat this only added to me not wanting to go.


   Arriving at the reception I went upstairs only to turn on my heels and go back downstairs. No one I knew. Had a club soda and got up the courage. As I stood in line I was greeted by one of the security police we knew. He smiled and hugged me. Ok not so bad.


  Walking in shook hands with the US Ambassador. He remembered me and his visit to our programs, introducing me to the US Consulate General in Saigon. Later she shared with me about her adoption story and how she went to China to get her daughter. She showed great interest in our programs.


  I walked and shook hands. Meeting many. The Four Seasons has opened a property in town The GM said he'd like to learn more about our programs and invited our kids to come and be interns! WOW!!! Another member for the US consulate office was highly interested in our programs and we have since exchanged several emails. He even offered a large room for us to use for special GIBTK events in the US Consulate. Go figure huh?
      Some may know that we have had an "issue" with the rental of the building where Mary's Home is. We rented from another Vietnamese org and found recently we had to move. I suggested we try and get permission to rent directly from Danang Peoples Committee.




   Well as fate may have it, guess who was one of the 2 speakers for the night. Yup the Chairman of Danang Peoples Committee, the head guy. I saw him and told myself you gotta get to him shake his hand and give him your business card.
   But I believe God one-upped me. I was talking to GM of Four Seasons and the chairman came up to us and introduced himself. I smiled shook his hand and gave my card thanking him for the many years of support. He looked at the card and said "OH! Give back to kid you help many of my children... Thank you!"
    Will this chance meeting help us in the upcoming vote this week? Only time will tell. But sure cant hurt to have met him a few days before it comes up in their meeting. Being 1 of the 2 NGOS at this special reception held by the US Ambassador. The other was from Hong Kong. Go figure how does a broke down former pizza guy get invited to a private VIP Reception? Honesty... I have no idea, the only answer I have is God!
><((((º>  BBlessed
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids