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Love teaching love the kids. Suong's story

Read Suong most recent update (I am late getting it out though...) Shes writing about the return of the kids to Dorothea's Project Legacy classes. Were Blessed to have her as our teammate and the kids LOVE her!
    "It has been 9 months since I last stood in front of my beloved students and taught them. Nothing could express the excitement I felt in my heart as the summer term has come. I remember that I woke up really early on my first day in this summer. I came to the class and prepared everything to welcome my students and their parents. The kids attended my class last year and were so happy to see me again.  They called me and smiled at me as if we were family. I thought they would have forgotten me after that long period of time, but no, they still remembered me, which is the biggest honor for a teacher, I think.
   Together we decorated the classroom, studied and played games. Teaching kids in primary school is not simply just teaching knowledge, but also teaching them some life skills such as communicating skills or cooperating skill. Also, teaching them how to behave appropriately is also an important thing.
   Or I can say that we must become the students' friend and their second mom, whose lessons are the ladder for the kids to climb forward to their dream and bright future.
To become that teacher, I strongly believe that I need to try my best, learn more experience from my colleagues, as well as update new teaching methods.
Another thing that I usually share with my students is some necessary life skills as I had chance to learn them before. In these lessons, the students can share their true feeling and thanks to this, we can get to know more about each other and I am able to help and support them with all I have.
Game loft company teaching study habits, They also donated to flat screen TV to Project Legacy!
   There is a lesson called "How to deal with your anxiety," which we have studied together for more than two months, but the positive effects that it has brought are enormous. Some kids said they were afraid of water or speaking in front of crowds, but after using the methods to deal with their anxiety and nervousness, they become more confident and do not think negatively. In addition, the games we play in these lessons do create a strong bond between us and we all laugh freely.
Another Game Loft staffer teaching life skills at Project legacy
Apart from these programs, GIBTK also holds the talks about life skills for students of Lighthouse and Hal's Home frequently. Recently, Game Loft Company in Danang has successfully organized a talk in which they shared their experience and some tips for job interviews.
I have been working for GIBTK for nearly two years and it is my honor to be a part of the organization. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for supporting me."
><((((º>  BBlessed
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids