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Rat whisperer AKA fight or flght

 Only in S.E.Asia??? Probably happens everywhere but to me it's here that some of the bizarre happens. The team arrived all 20! After short break we went out for walk and early dinner. Gordon McNeil aka rat whisperer was sitting at other end of table from me(thank God) all of sudden I heard commotion and several scattering. A baby rat had fallen from the ceiling landing on the table right in front of him.
Gordon and Don with one of our girls from Marlenes
  A few chairs were moved all seemed to settle down till another baby was seen peering over the ledge that the other just fell from. Reminds me of the time a larger river rat ran over Ali Pflegers foot which she quickly kicked into the air, flying across the restaurant.  Or the time we were in Saigon at a restaurant and the empty coke cans next to me got knocked over, when I realized it was a bat that had landed on our table. I was hit with the dilemma of fight, flight or take photos!
  We began day 2 with a visit to the killing fields. Always a difficult time. Realizing this happened in my lifetime. Over 25% of population victims of the genocide. Seeing the killing tree where babies were swung against to kill in order to save bullets. I hate seeing reality. 
   It is so much easier not knowing. So much easier to feed a few kids, buy some clothes and complain why this country is the way it is. Yet I've read that half of population over 30 suffers from PTSD! We push education, yet for the kids grandparents education meant death at the Khmer Rouge hands. 
  It is so good to get to Battambang. Seeing the girls in our home, the hugs and songs sang by them it is so easy to forget what we saw in the morning. Yet I must remember in order to try to understand this culture. Why it so often seems so hard to get things done. 
   Things have moved slowly in Cambodia from the beginning. From being told by govt that with a gift we can get our license quickly or we can it can 3 years... we chose the long wait rather then "gift" the official. These days I've been questioning does gibtk move on from Cambodia? But I have to wonder what would happen to our girls. But things don't move as quickly as they did in VN or have I forgotten what it took to find the great team we have in VN? 
  So what the battle I have fought in my mind is do I fight or flight? It's not a baby mouse but the lives of girls, girls who can end up in places I dare not think of. The other side is the funds we use be better invested somewhere else.
Those of you who know me probably know I like a good fight. But wisdom must play a part. All nice words but after spending a couple hours I knew in my heart of heart were in for the fight! Yes it is a challenge. Our house manager just had a baby and will be leaving us the end of the month. Yes there problems but where is there not issues raising teen girls.
  Its so much easier making a "money" decision from afar. Yet I type in tears (already!) Thinking what if I had made a decision from afar. I see ONE MORE time how vital it is that I come and get my hugs. See first hand what is being done. Its not been easy but if it was GIBTK would not be needed here. WE are in for the tough calling!!!
Please stay with us during this trip. I hope / the rest of journals will not be so serious in nature. Or will they? 
><((((º>  BBlessed
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Robert Kalatschan
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