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An exceptional teacher and a great young man

Greetings! As I type today I realized that I leave for Cambodia and Vietnam in just a few more days! Yikes! So much to do! Today I have a journal written by a remarkable young man is a math teacher in our "Dick & Ann Moore Tuition Program."  He's done a remarkable job but he has not stopped there. He is always at the front of the line whenever and of the GIBTK team needs help for anything... Tam recently shared with me that she told To that if he ever gets bored teaching to talk to her shed love to have "To" as part of the GIBTK in the office managing programs. Tam said I can find good teachers easier then finding someone special like To for our GIBTK office team. 
   Before I share his journal I want to announce the dates to our annual Gala, "Journey of Hope" will be help October 28th at the Harborside Restaurant in Newport Beach. It is also time that the Gala team is seeking donations for the silent and live auctions. If you know someone who can help please let me know and I will send you the request packet. All donations for the auctions are tax deductible. 
 Le Phu To
   It has been three years since I started working for Giving it Back to Kids, which is not a long time, but enough to create many memories in my mind.
   Here, at Giving it back to kids, I have a chance to express my passion as well as my effort to help children achieve improvements in their learning. Watching them learn day by day and earn good results in their studies gives me happiness. I also talk with them and help them to know what they are good at and think about what they want to be in the future. Additionally, I have learned some helpful life lessons which are about mental health, how to treat other people nicely and how to respect my own values.
    Apart from teaching, I know that building relationships with kids is really important as it helps me to get to know more about them.Recently,  Mary's Home has welcomed two new members that are Chi Hao and Chi Thien. They are brothers and before moving to Mary's House, they had to live with their dad in a small hired room. More importantly, living without the love and care of a mom makes them feel sad, so whenever I meet them I try to spend time listening to their endless stories.  I am so happy when they call me "Uncle To" and want me to play games with them. They are so cute!
    The last school-year gave me many beautiful memories when all the kids were trying their best in their learning, especially those who were in their last year of high school. They are studying as hard as they can to earn places in college.
   I know that Mathematics is a difficult subject which sometimes lets the kids down and is disappointing. Trang, a member of Hai Chau's Home, lost her motivation to learn math at the beginning of the first semester. We talked together and figured out that if she did not study geometry just because she did not like it, she would never earn a good result. She finally understood and started to study. After one year, she earned an A in her math, which motivated me a lot. I am so happy to help the kids and be a part of Giving it Back to Kids.
><((((º>  BBlessed
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Robert Kalatschan
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