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My new path... meet our newest team member Tu!

It's been a busy time in Vietnam. We have had many guests and several of our girls have given birth recently and another is expecting! Exciting times for sure. But with this comes extra work for our team. Our newest team member came at just the right time!
  When I was there I got to be part of the interview. After just a few minutes I knew we had found another gem for the GIBTK team! Allow m to introduce Tu. As always I will forward all your emails welcoming this magnificent young lady to our GIBTK team. 
Here is her note to all of you;
My new path, new precious experience. I'm a new learner!
   I can't believe my dream of working for Giving It Back To Kids now comes true. During my internship here, I got a better insight into humanity thanks to so many meaningful programs deserved for less fortunate people, especially children. And now I can do what I've long desired. Everyone here are so fabulous. We're a great team, who support and take care of others a great deal.
  I'm recently in charge of Heart Program. At first, everything is really new, and somehow I wonder whether I can do it well or not? It's a very big question in my mind. Actually, I can feel how meaningful this program is when I can help to save one kid's life, but the more helpful it is, the more responsibility I take.
   I am fond of hearing heart patients sharing about their own circumstances. I do love the feeling of holding their hands as I'll give them some more strength to overcome tough moments in life. I do feel so attached that I can't say farewell to them.
   I remembered a child named Ngo Minh Khang from Quang Ngai city as he was my first patient. Every word maybe fail to describe the profound impact he really left on me. Khang's condition was so serious that he had to be in hospital during Tet, which is the most important festival in Vietnam. Just imagine while other families were happily welcome a new year with family reunions, lots of resolutions and hopes, Khang's mother was by his sides and kept worried about his health. During nearly three-month treatment at the hospital, there was a time when everything seemed to be in vain, but I tried to talk and encourage her as much as possible. when being informed that he would be discharged, my heart beat rapidly and I couldn't be better. What great news! We've been waiting so long for this. The feeling of saving one's life is really wonderful.
   What's I wanna do is to connect donors with the kids the most. It's just so amazing for you to travel half of the world and then meet the one you've helped. When it comes to patients' families, they have a chance to express their deep gratitude to philanthropists in person. How meaningful is it!
   GIBTK has five homes where unlucky children are nurtured and provided with necessary things for their healthy developments. Whenever I have time, I will come to play with them. Seeing their sweet smiles together with their innocent souls reminds me of my childhood. Talking with them makes me very cheerful.
   Another unforgettable experience is that I got to learn how to assemble a wheelchair and support disadvantaged people who have difficulties in mobility. This is not only their means of transports, but also their dear friend. The happiness when receiving such as meaningful present seems to be spread to me as well.
    After all, working with heart patients has trained me the sense of great emergency. Our delay can results in something pitiful. Therefore, I want to say that "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present". "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Don't hesitate to say affectionate words to your dear people. Don't hesitate to give and you'll be given. Let's smile and live for present. 
Sincerely; Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids