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More stories of hope from Tet

Here's the last of just the few stories of giving hope and esteem back to families during Tet. Though the event is done, may i ask... if you can help to offset costs? if so it can be done safely at Thanks!

- Nguyen Thi Phong
  A 49 year-old mother, Nguyen Thi Phuong was so thrilled to take her youngest son to our Tet shop in the early morning. She was so touched to share about her family circumstance. Her family belongs to the disadvantaged of Que An commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province.
    Her husband was a bricklayer assistant, until three years ago when he had an accident while working, resulting in a fractured his right heel bone and has been unable to work. As a result, Phuong became the breadwinner of the family. She often gets sick so their family life has become more and more difficult.
   Phuong began to cry as she shared: "When being selected this year to GIBTK Tet Shop, I am so blessed that this will be a first time for me to purchase quality and expensive goods for my three children. Because of my financial difficulty, I have never been able to buy anything for my children before. My children have received support from neighbors and local authority like old clothes, school fees and material for their studying. My youngest son was so eager to hear about Tet shop so he insisted to come with me. This morning he woke up so early, because he was afraid that I might leave without him.
    After choosing candies and cookies for the son, the mother shared happily that she is much happier to see her son choosing his favorite toy that he has dreamt of. Lunar New Year 2017 will be very special and different in comparison with the previous years because she is able to buy expensive goods like candies, cookies and toys for her children with her own labor.  She would like to say thank you so much to donors and GIBTK for giving her the precious opportunity so that her children will have a happy and cozy Lunar New Year 2017 ever.
The little boy also had a big smile on his face and told us, that he was so happy to experience the Tet shop with his mother. This is so strange for him that he can choose candies and toys that I never dared hope for. He is especially, he is so proud of his mother that she is able to purchase expensive goods for his siblings on Tet holiday 2017. This Tet holiday he will invite his friends to his house to share with his family about precious presents that they got.
   Hesitantly sitting in front of the Tet shop, Mrs. Hoa was waiting for her turn with her seven-year-old son. Both she and her son are excited for this day and could not take their eyes off products displayed in the shop. As a single parent, she is always struggling to support her family. She and her two kids have to depend on the little money she earns harvesting crops. It is just enough to buy food. After years of working hard, she began to realize her health was getting worse and her hands started to suffer strange shaking movements even when she did not work. This seriously affected her working ability.
    She cried while saying: "I do not know how our future will be. My kids love going to school, but I am not sure whether I can afford to send them to school, as my health is getting worse. I also was worried to death because I do not have money to buy food and clothes for them for Tet. Just seeing their disappointed faces hurts me so much, but I do not know what to do. But everything has changed when I was informed to receive a special opportunity from Giving it back to kids. It was a bit of sunshine in a mighty storm!"
    After sharing her story, she and her little boy went around and bought things they needed. The way they talked and laughed with each other showed how very happy they were. "They are all the best and most expensive things that we could never buy!" she exclaimed. Then her boy chose a robot and turned to a boy next to him and said: "This is the first robot my mom bought for me!"  Mrs. Hoa was so proud when she heard that and decided to choose something for her daughter, even though the girl told Mrs. Hoa not to buy anything for her.
 - Nguyen Thi Luy
   Nguyen Thi Luy 63 years old is not only a mum of two children but also a grandmother of 7 grandchildren. Although she has to look after this number of people alone after her husband's death due to his catastrophe, her health is in poor condition. She has a vertigo disorder which makes her faint easily when working or in a crowd.
    What I learned is her daughter left home when she was 12 years old. She has married already, but never comes back home again. Another less fortunate son is a person damaged by Agent Orange. He is now 25 years old and unable to work. Luy is also a wounded soldier, but her family has no helpful policy or even salary from the government.
    She unfolded her heart, "My daughter-in-law was in an adulterous relationship with another man and left me her children. Two of them don't go to school since the tuition fee is too high for me to cover. For my family, Tet is just as an ordinary day. While other children look happy in beautiful clothes, my family just hopes to have enough rice to live. That is the reason why we are all cheerful when receiving this opportunity".
   Our story was interrupted for a bit because she was in a hurry to choose the goods for her dear kids. She was afraid of not getting favorite presents for them. After shopping, she seemed quiet exhausted, but she said with a big smile on her face: "This is a really meaningful program for those who are in need like me. I can imagine how happy my children are when holding in their hands such nice and precious gifts, cakes as well as new clothes. Thanks to this Tet shop, it builds up my family values and makes my family members get ever closer. Please send my best regards to all donors together with the GIBTK staff. Wishing you good health and success at every step of life, enjoy a wonderful 2017.
><((((º>  BBlessed
Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids