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Personal stories of Hope from Tet store part 1

 Here are the first of few of the personal stories of "shoppers" from this years "Tet shop" All written by GIBTK team members. I hope you enjoy these stories of Hope shared in such a simple way! I did!!!
- Pham Huu Thanh
   A 37-year-old man named Pham Huu Thanh suffered with a deformity to his right foot, he walks with a limp. He is married with two children. His wife suffers from emotional Problems, so she just stays home. Thanh is a farmer; his income is very low and unstable. His family belongs to the poor household of Que An commune, Que Son district and his living condition becomes more destitute.
   He was very happy to learn his family had been selected to attend GIBTK's Tet shop in 2017. A neighbor loaned him they're motorbike, so he came to our Tet shop in the early morning. It took him two hours to get from his house to the Tet shop.
  When asked about how he felt before coming here, he happily shared: "It's unbelievable! This is a first time for me to attend your Tet Shop so I am so excited to come today. But I do not have enough money to purchase goods. I would like to do anything at GIBTK's office to earn some money to buy candies and cookies for my two children."
  After cleaning an hour some things at GIBTK's office, Mr. Thanh was eager to choose quality goods for his children. He told us he has never been able to buy expensive candies and toys for his children. Therefore he is very grateful to donors and GIBTK for proving him with a great chance to purchase these precious gifts for his children. He believes that they will like what he chose for them and they will be proud of him that he can do something special for them on Tet holiday with his own labor.
  Nang and her son came to the Tet shop very early in the morning. After a few hours sitting on a bus, they seemed to be tired but it was just for a moment.Their tiredness immediately disappeared when they saw all the things displayed in the shop. She is forty-five years old now and has three children.
  She told us that her family is one of the poorest households of Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province, whose income depends mostly on her husband's "day jobs" and they are often infrequent. Her first-born had to drop out of school and got married at the age of twenty and her other little kids are not healthy and they often need to go to the Hospital.
Mrs. Nang had just returned from the hospital after getting treatment for her larynx.
    She said: "I could not sleep for a few days prior because I was so worried. Even though Tet is coming, we had nothing. The feeling of uselessness and heartbreak upset me every night. "We are poor, but as parents we always proudly want to give our kids everything we can by our true efforts. Nothing could express our happiness when we were informed we were invited to the Tet shop. I felt like all my burden was released and my kids were overjoyed! They kept telling me to be sure to come and get them toys and new clothes".
  Mrs. Nang's little boy is so happy with his new toy. He was blissful choosing his robot. He said: "This is a dream, I have new toys and delicious candies!" Seeing the smile on his face makes Mrs. Nang happy too. She is satisfied with the quality of the products and thanks Giving it back to kids for giving them a meaningful Tet.
 - Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
   Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy was born in 1971. They are a poor family of Dai Thanh Commune, Dai Loc District. Her father has suffered from asthma for nearly 10 years while her aging mother now weighs only 48.5 lbs. Thuy has had vertigo problems from an early age; she has to take medication daily.
   Imagine, a woman who never went to school, with a 7 year-old daughter and elderly grandparents making a living? She told us; "We depend on farming, but there has been so many disasters recently, resulting in lost harvests.  Actually I didn't know whether my family could celebrate Tet this year or not. Coming here with the feeling of great excitement, I look forward to choosing things like pretty dolls, delicious sweets or fresh milk for my dear daughter!
  She continued the story "Being single mother I wish I had a husband who can join hands with me to overcome our difficulties together. Many men would not love me because of my family circumstances. The more I live, the more I love my daughter. She lacks a father's love, so I hope I can do lots of things for her, but reality is different".
   From the bottom of Thuy's heart, she expressed her gratitude to all warm-hearted donors and the GIBTK organization that offer her a precious chance to achieve her long term wish. From a mum devoted to a daughter. "I am sure my dear will be very proud of her mummy" she added
 - Nguyen Dung
   The image of a man with a bright smile on his face made a great impression on me. He is Nguyen Dung, born in 1972 in Dai Quang Commune, Dai Loc District, Quang Nam Province. He is now responsible for taking care of his eighty year-old mother, a wife and two children. His wife surfers from vertigo disorders and is unable to do much to help. Mr. Dung himself also has paralysis on his right side. The youngest child now in kindergarten reminded him to buy toys and cakes for him.
   "This is the first time I am able to prepare Tet for my family, so I am really excited. From the little things, I can show how much I love them and what I can do for them by using my own labor. Thank you for all the meaningful things you do for my family in particular and other household in general. 
><((((º>  BBlessed


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