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“Transforming lives through education, medical care,
nutrition and Love”

New found appreciation

Another summer comes to a close. I have mixed feelings; it has been good having my children home, cooking dinner. My son has returned to college. My daughter is quickly beginning her sophomore year in high school. Yet I see them growing and becoming... More

Who is this mighty warrior?

As you read this I am in Chicago for The Global Leadership Conference.   The teen trip has come to an end. Lives were impacted. More then I dare even guess. Teenagers saying that they never realize how good they have it. As they left for... More

Lindas View

 Today's journal is written by GIBTK board member and strong advocate for kids. She has stepped in and helped strengthen our programs as well as helped me personally this past couple years. Blessed to have her as a friend and honored to... More

Mobility and Zoeys early insights

I have personally been involved in giving the gift of mobility to thousands over the years. Thanks to Don Schoendorfer and the Free wheelchair Mission team GIBTK has given away over 120,000 wheelchairs. With all those chairs the need is still so... More

Sobs of Joy notes by Sofie and Linda

There has been so many amazing things this trip. So many I want to share with you.  But I know inboxes fill quickly. Here are a couple notes from guests. The first is from Baylor Student Sofie Thurston followed by GIBTK board member Linda... More

6 weeks in VN and...

Todays note is from our Intern Hannah, she has been here for 6 weeks prior to joining us on the teen trip. Please enjoy. (FYI her grandmother is Ann Moore whom many of you know)      I was more than surprised when the Lord... More

GIBTK Projects

How your donations have made an impact for these families and children.

409​ Houses Built
Cost to build $4,100.00 ea.

16 Kindergartens Built
Cost to build $15,000.00 ea.

662​ Heart Surgeries
$2,500.00 ea.

2975​ Orthopedic

$425.00 ea.

98 Eye Surgeries
$400.00 ea.

132,696​ Wheelchairs Delivered

775 Bicycles Delivered
$100.00 ea.

Pigs $175.00 ea.
Cows $750.00 ea.
Cows + Pigs Delivered 147 More


Project New Hope Kids Homes

Project New H.O.P.E. (Housing, Opportunity, Pride & Education)
Reports tell us that between 25%-30% of children living in Vietnam care facilities are malnourished. Read More

The Father's Home

Full funding for the Father's home in Danang (at present there are 12 moms and 6 babies) More

Hai Chau Childrens Home

Full Funding for Hai Chau since Mar, 08 (13 children) More

Mary's Home

Full Funding for Mary's Home since Feb, 2012 (14 children) More

The Lighthouse

Full funding for the Lighthouse in Da Nang (19 girls) More

Hal's Boys Home

Full Funding for Hal's Home since May, 2012
(18 boys) More

Carmela's Home

Full Funding for Carmella's Home since August, 2012 (17 children) More

Marlene's Home

Full Funding for Marlene's Home in Cambodia since July, 2012 (17 girls) More

Vera's Home

Full Funding for Vera's Home in Cambodia since August, 2013 (8 girls) More