Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.

Friendship Program

Giving It Back To Kids Friendship Program came about to encourage the children in our homes, especially those that do not have donors.  We would like every child to feel that someone special (a friend) cares about them and encourages them to do their best.  Of course donors are always needed and greatly appreciated.  However, there are many people that would love to build a relationship through email that are not able to provide financial support.   We ask those in the Friendship Program to respond to the quarterly letters that the children and young adults write with no financial obligation.  You are welcome to write more often if you like.   Emailed letters are translated and emailed back and forth by staff making it an easy process.  It is also very important that this is a long term commitment to write until the child leaves GIBTK for an independent life after completing university or advanced trade schools.

Friendship Program

We have children ages 4-18 in three homes; Hai Chau, Mary's and Carmela's.  There are young adults finishing their education to become self sufficient at Hal's Home (young men 18-24), Light House (young women 18-24) and The Father's House (unwed moms 15- 25 and their babies).  

It means so much for them to receive an answer to their quarterly letters about what they have been doing.  If you are interested in encouraging a child as either a donor or in the Friendship Program, or have further questions, please contact

Linda Shaul
Executive Administrator, GIBTK