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Our trip is quickly winding down. Its been great! Had 23 guests! Honestly I am a bit tired but wish we had another couple weeks as we just got a taste of GIBTK.... More

Mobility, hearts and real man!

We began our day a bit late. Wanted to rest up after our 15-year celebration of working in Vietnam. Our destination was of course a bit further then expected but reaching the home... More

From Cambodia to Vietnam, lasting relationships

Though we have been in Vietnam for a couple days now, I want to get these notes out. The first written by a good friend's daughter, Marissa. She's a 3rd grade teacher.... More

Contemplating Foundations

Todays note comes from Gordon McNeill, Educator, A friend from home. A great travel guy. I loved what he says and want to be clear it is those who make up GIBTK that makes up... More

Rat whisperer AKA fight or flght

 Only in S.E.Asia??? Probably happens everywhere but to me it's here that some of the bizarre happens. The team arrived all 20! After short break we went out for... More

An exceptional teacher and a great young man

Greetings! As I type today I realized that I leave for Cambodia and Vietnam in just a few more days! Yikes! So much to do! Today I have a journal written by a remarkable young man... More

Dorotheas Project legacy continues

Please meet Chinh, she teaches at "Dorothea's Project Legacy" My dear departed wife legacy goes on for generations to come. Project Legacy allows kids from poor families to get the much needed tutoring as well as a place to... More

My new path... meet our newest team member Tu!

It's been a busy time in Vietnam. We have had many guests and several of our girls have given birth recently and another is expecting! Exciting times for sure. But with this comes extra work for our team. Our newest team member came at just the... More

More stories of hope from Tet

Here's the last of just the few stories of giving hope and esteem back to families during Tet. Though the event is done, may i ask... if you can help to offset costs? if so it can be done safely at www.gibtk.org. Thanks!   -... More

Personal stories of Hope from Tet store part 1

 Here are the first of few of the personal stories of "shoppers" from this years "Tet shop" All written by GIBTK team members. I hope you enjoy these stories of Hope shared in such a simple way! I did!!!   - Pham... More

Helping to Give Self-esteem back to Dads

Today's note is written by our S.E. Asia director extraordinaire Tam T Tong. I lovingly call her the mighty T's.   It is about our "Tet" shop. Tet being the weeklong Lunar new-year celebration. Culture is that new things... More

Sometimes I gotta wonder

Sometimes I just gotta wonder. It's funny how things play out. This morning as I looked out on the Danang city from the gym. A thought came to me that there is not much poverty in the city.         Later as... More

I forget

 I consider myself a "quick learner" but alas I am a quicker "forgeter"! This trip was not to be one of "doing" our projects but more a relationship builder. It is quickly approaching Tet, the Lunar New year. The... More

Season Greetings

Seasons Greetings!   I don't know about you, but this year-end snuck up on me all to quickly. I pray that you and all that's yours have a wonderful... More

Looking for Friends

Greetings and a Belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope and pray that this holiday season is a great one for all of you! I am thankful for all you and today I am including a note / request from a VERY SPECIAL lady.   She has served GIBTK... More