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 Another unplanned trip to Vietnam. The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference has begun, and it was suggested I "should" be here. Later this week Boeing S.E. Asia president... More

She knows my name!

 Todays "journal" is written by long time personal friend, a long time GIBTK "cheerleader" Karla DeSimone. Truly an example of nurturing relationships. She probably (ok does know) more of the gibtk  kids histories and... More

Wanna make God laugh

 Funny how so often when my first response (usually based in self) is no. It was so when I was invited to for the pre-APEC reception. "Thank you but no I just got home..." And so much has happened and so much was seen. I originally... More

Guess what?

 Guess what? Yup back in Vietnam already. But before I get to that let me send out my prayers for those affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. It has been very tough for so many. Also I have to clearly remember about 9/11/2001. I remember so... More

Love teaching love the kids. Suong's story

Read Suong most recent update (I am late getting it out though...) Shes writing about the return of the kids to Dorothea's Project Legacy classes. Were Blessed to have her as our... More

Marked and left a imprint!

Todays the last of journals from our summer youth trip. The first is from a "newcomer" to gibtk. She was introduced gibtk by longtime friends and partners Jen and... More

Quirky... Fun... imaginative, or just plain gift!

 LOL... Sitting here thinking how do I best describe Hannah. Quirky? Eccentric? Wacky? Special, extraordinary, creative, full of wacky energy, fun to the max or maybe what the kids call her,... More

My room

Though we are physically home, our hearts are still in SE Asia. I wish all of what GIBTK is involved in has smiling faces. But we have always gone... More

So many smiles and tears

 Ending one of most memorable trips. Of course all have been in the past too, LOL. This trip has been a bit "more" in that teens bonded and I feel... More


Our trip is quickly winding down. Its been great! Had 23 guests! Honestly I am a bit tired but wish we had another couple weeks as we just got a taste of GIBTK.... More

Mobility, hearts and real man!

We began our day a bit late. Wanted to rest up after our 15-year celebration of working in Vietnam. Our destination was of course a bit further then expected but reaching the home... More

From Cambodia to Vietnam, lasting relationships

Though we have been in Vietnam for a couple days now, I want to get these notes out. The first written by a good friend's daughter, Marissa. She's a 3rd grade teacher.... More

Contemplating Foundations

Todays note comes from Gordon McNeill, Educator, A friend from home. A great travel guy. I loved what he says and want to be clear it is those who make up GIBTK that makes up... More

Rat whisperer AKA fight or flght

 Only in S.E.Asia??? Probably happens everywhere but to me it's here that some of the bizarre happens. The team arrived all 20! After short break we went out for... More

An exceptional teacher and a great young man

Greetings! As I type today I realized that I leave for Cambodia and Vietnam in just a few more days! Yikes! So much to do! Today I have a journal written by a remarkable young man... More